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Contrary to some popular myths, closing
is not the most important part of the
selling process. In fact, it's the least
important! If you are making an effective
sales presentation, the prospect will cut you
off two-thirds into your presentation to
place an order! It's called Elegant Selling.

Experience may be the best teacher, but
it's also the most expensive one.
■ When I'm right, no one remembers;
when I'm wrong, no one forgets.
■ Managers do things right. Leaders do
the right thing.
■ No good deed goes unpunished.

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Sales Training: Sales training is only effective if it is directly relevant to the type of selling your salespeople do. That's why Sellsmart™ is the only truly modular sales training program. It can be quickly and affordably constructed to meet the exact needs of any inside, field or hybrid sales force. A key element in the continued success of the Sellsmart Sales Training Program is that we travel in the field with one or more of your field salespeople and/or monitor the calls of your inside sales staff before we recommend and develop a training curriculum. In addition, we include the management team in the training so what is taught in the program is reinforced on a regular basis.

Management Training: In today's intensely competitive global environment, simply having a competent management team puts you at a distinct disadvantage! You need to upgrade your directors, managers and supervisors from management skills to leadership capabilities. Management is to Leadership what carpentry is to cabinet-making: The tools are similar, but the skill set and the results are dramatically different! Every employee who supervises another employee should participate in The Leadership Workshop if you want to have a truly effective management team. We come to your business and run the program for your supervisory and management team. But watch out! The results are powerful!

Customer Service Training: Every time a prospect or customer interacts with a representative of your company, that transaction improves or degrades the Customer Experience. Businesses that invest in their Customer Service function turn Customer Service into a competitive edge for their enterprise. Everyone at your business who comes in contact with a customer or prospect should attend The Customer Service Workshop so your business will enjoy the competitive edge of knowing how to improve this vital function. Attendees should include customer service personnel as well as those in inside sales, field sales, service, parts, credit, engineering, applications, shipping and any other department or function that deals with prospects and customers!

Sellsmart, The Leadership Workshop and The Customer Service Workshop are trademarks of AAS Associates.

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B2B Sales Training Business-to-Business Management Training B2B Customer Service Training Business-to-Business Leadership Training