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A sales force pay plan must be based on
Objective Identification: It must attract
quality salespeople, and it must
over-reward the over-achievers and
under-reward the under-achievers.

A Dynamic Sales Force pays for itself
over and over again in increased sales,
better employee morale throughout
the company, and a significant increase
in profits!

Many companies steal salespeople from
their competitors, but that is a bad idea!
If they are willing to let the salesperson go,
you certainly don't want to hire him. And if
he is really doing a good job for them, why
would they let him go? The best source of
new salespeople are those who are looking
to move up the Food Chain.

If you'd like to talk with us about how we can
improve the effectiveness and effeciency of
your sales force, call us at 888-632-7200,
or contact us via e-mail at:

Organization and Deployment: Are your sales territories too small, too large or misconfigured? Should you be selling by telephone, by catalog, on-line, via field sales calls or some combination of all four? Should your sales force be independent or captive? How much should you be paying your salespeople, and is your incentive plan helping you reach your corporate goals and objectives or working against them? Your sales force is your infantry. The more efficiently they are deployed, trained and supported, the more successful your organization will be!

Sales Force Support: Are you giving your salespeople tools they need? Do they spend most of their time selling, or on support activities? Just as businesses invest in new equipment to make their manufacturing operations more efficient, a sales force requires an investment to make it more efficient. A more efficient sales force has an immediate and positive effect on all other aspects of the enterprise! What is your Sales Force Index?

Sales Force Recruitment: Identifying and recruiting quality salespeople requires the talents of sales professions. When should you be recruiting salespeople? On a continual basis. In fact, we recommend that our clients have a Sales Force Bench. Just as you wouldn't show up to play baseball with just nine players, every sales organization needs a bench of qualified players who can be sent into the game when one of your salespeople quits, dies, gets fired or becomes ill or disabled. An empty sales territory is an invitation to your competitors to begin picking off your best customers!

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